Chippewa Fire District is a combination fire district with 9 career personnel and over 110 volunteers. We operate from 4 stations with 37 pieces of apparatus. We have 9 career personnel that consists of the Chief, Deputy Chief of EMS, Fire/Tank Inspector,  5 Firefighter/Paramedics & Administrative secretary. Outside of the Chief, the Deputy Chiefs, Captains, have command over all incidents and the Fire/Medics handle patient care. We have a dive team that responds into three counties, rope rescue team, RIT team and SWAT medics. Water movement is handled with 2 trailers pumps with 2200 & 3000 gpm capacities, 3-4000 gallon tankers and 3-2000 gallon tankers. The District is dispatched in a box response system by Chippewa County 911 center.

Brief History of Chippewa Fire District


Type of department: Combination Paid/Paid per call
Number of personnel: 118

  • Active career firefighters: 9
  • Active paid-per-call firefighters: 110
Services provided:

  • Other Technical/Specialized Rescue
  • Search & Rescue
  • Vehicle Rescue (Extrication)
  • ALS Emergency Medical Services
  • BLS Emergency Medical Services
  • Firefighting
  • Critical Care Transport
Type of areas served:

  • Combination

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